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Manufacturers Make it Fun and Easy

As the web is becoming insanely more advanced each year, automakers are adding the popular “design feature” to their hub websites.  What does that mean? Well, you can pick a particular model of their car and make it your own by choosing attributes like: exterior colors, accents, types of wheels, body kits, lighting, interior colors, types of materials, logos, and any other custom add-ons they might be offering.  Most will even allow you to export a high-resolution image of your final product. This is perfect for those that are interested in buying new cars, but also for those of us that just like to tinker around with our dream cars and stare blankly at the inflated prices when doing so.  Check out the Maserati Configurator to see a quick example.  We are continuously updating information on the automakers with the design feature and have ratings of their “designability” so you don’t waste too much precious time.

Courtesy of David Mellis

Courtesy of David Mellis

3-d Modeling is Crucial

If you are serious about automobile design, then you need to know how to materialize your ideas into models. How else are you going to show off your genius? In our modern, technology-filled world, this is typically done using computer-aided modeling software. There is a wide array of programs used, from initial sketching all the way to surfacing edges and lighting, and we have taken the time to explain each (most-often used) one.  Clay is the other way to model designs, but is often used with the software in the vehicle’s final stages.  Clay was as nearly important, but with the emergence of 3-d printing, it is becoming more obsolete.  You cannot get into the business of designing without being able to model.  There are whole series of classes dedicated to this because it is so crucial.

Education and  Automobile Design Schools

How great would it be to get hired as a designer for a major automobile manufacturer?  Well it will be impossible without a degree and the necessary skills for the job.  Your best route is to find a college that specializes in design, and specifically vehicle design.  Arthur Ashe said, “One important key to success is self-confidence.  One important key to self-confidence is preparation.”  Preparation is hugely important, even if you’re still young.  Working on a portfolio and getting good grades is necessary preparation for a highly competitive career such as automobile designer.  Even if you are in the category of trying to learn some of these skills as a hobby, formal classes might be a great investment. We offer some friendly advice about this exciting career path and info about reputable schools.

Build Your Own Car

Do you want to truly create your own automobile and actually drive it?  There are many resources around the web that enable this ambitious type of person to achieve this goal.  This includes using parts from existing cars and even ordering original, custom parts to use.  Kit cars, or component cars, are groupings of parts that can be made into a car usually made by manufacturers.  They are sold everywhere.  Check out some more info on kit cars and how you can build your own car.

Customize Your Own Car

Want to trick out your existing car or just add a little flare to catch some extra attention?  There are fantastic companies that specialize in this very niche.  Body kits, decals, fog lights, grills, exhausts, covers, license plates, and paints are just a few ways to make your vehicle something special.  We feature companies and ideas that enable you to find the flashy add-ons you might need.  Aftermarket and custom parts are great for giving your vehicle a personalized touch.


There are a handful of fun, online activities that have been developed for automobile-creation enthusiasts.  Typically they allow you to customize cars then race them, but there are other variations too.  We are continuously finding, reviewing, playing, and organizing them for your convenience and fun.  This might also be an avenue to brainstorm ideas for some of your own creations.

Lastly, there is a great resource outside of this site to help you learn, collaborate, and design cars with experts. It is called Local Motors and they are an ahead-of-its-time company that uses crowd sourcing to create vehicles and to tackle auto industry problems. Check out and see for yourself.

If you are anything like us, you love cars and the idea of artistically implanting your thoughts and passions into them.  Hopefully you have found everything you need to do this on our site.  Now get out there and design your own car!