Apr 022013

Audi is highly regarded across the world and it is the luxury branch of VW.  They are fast, comfortable, safe, and surprisingly reasonably priced.  Audi’s website is pretty standard when it comes to the “build and price” feature.  They have all 11 models to choose from: A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, allroad, Q5, Q7, TT, R8, and S.  You’ll get a handful of exterior colors, interior types, and wheels to try.  You can easily see the options you’ve chosen and the prices that go along.  In fact, you can see that their prices are highly featured and are the main function to this part of their website.  Across the web, this is easily the best place to check out all of the Audi models and to see high quality pictures.  Head over to Audi.com to begin your venture and design your own Audi!



Design Rating: 2 of 4 purple wagons


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