Apr 162013

Construction is impossible without first transferring a visualized vehicle design into a tangible image accessible to your customers and investors. A product which will equip you for this task is the program CATIA (Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application), a fantastic software suite for designing automobiles from scratch. It exists as the world’s leading innovative product design program with world-renowned car companies such as Porsche, Honda, Audi, BMW, and Chrysler depending on its features for vehicle construction. That’s only naming a few.

As a multifaceted program, CATIA acts as a vital tool to a variety of industries ranging from aerospace to industrial equipment design. In the car industry, you can use CATIA to see a vehicle through nearly every step of production all on the face of youtr computer screen. Commonly referred to as a “3D Product Lifecycle Tool”, CATIA allows you to conceptualize, construct, engineer, and even showcase your model. Just when you think that that there isn’t anything left to cover, CATIA even includes in its wide spectrum of features a Functional Safety Delivery solution which ensures that your designed vehicle matches requirements of safety and stays up to date.

Overall, CATIA exists as a vital software suite for the dedicated car designer. Its simple design tools makes the creation of blueprints a straightforward and uncomplicated task, and its capacity to support reference uploads makes for an easy conceptualization strategy. Most importantly, though, it familiarizes users to the full process and cycle in which a designed vehicle must go through before construction and marketing. While aesthetic value certainly holds a strong place in the scheme of a successful vehicle model, the knowledge of technical and logistical procedures will help innovators approach projects with well-rounded practicality, making not only their prototypes more desirable to investing companies, but also resulting in effective and commendable experience as designers. With all this in consideration, the freedom and relevance that the CATIA software suite offers in its array of programs proves itself an essential investment to the industry of automotive-design.

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